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Nashville, TN Radio (by Frequency)ID... Prog...
Freq ID Description - Program FormatFCC
88.1WFSK Gospel, Jazz, College(i)
88.3WMTSMiddle Tennessee State University - Murfreesboro TN - Alternative, college(i)
88.5WVCP Soft AC, Rock, College(i)
88.7WAYMColumbia - Contemporary Christian(i)
89.1WNAZ(Listen) Praise 89 - Religious, College(i)
89.5WMOTJazz 89 - Middle Tennessee State University - Murfreesboro TN - News, Jazz, college(i)
90.3WPLN(Listen) Public Radio - Classical, Jazz, Public(i)
91.1WRVU(Listen) - Vanderbilt University - Alternative, College(i)
91.5WNRZSpirit FM - Dickson - Christian(i)
91.7WFCMMurfreesboro - Religious(i)
92.1WQQKHendersonville - R&B(i)
92.9WJXA AC(i)
93.7WYYB(Listen) The Phoenix - Adult Alternative(i)
94.1WRLG(Listen) - Smyrna TN - Alternative Rock(i)
94.3WDBL Country, Oldies, Adult Alternative(i)
95.5WSM(Listen) - Country(i)
96.3WMAKMurfreesboro - Oldies(i)
96.7WNKX Country(i)
97.1WRQQGoodlettsville - Hot AC(i)
97.9WSIX(Listen) - Country(i)
98.9WANTReal Country - Lebanon - Country(i)
99.7WWTN(Listen) SuperTalk 99.7 - Manchester TN - Talk, Sports(i)
100.1WRLT(Listen) Lighting 100 - Franklin/Nashville TN - Adult Alternative(i)
101.1WZTOThe One - Russellville KY - Christian(i)
102.5WQZQ(Listen) The Party - Top-40, Rock(i)
102.9WZPC102-9 the Buzz - Shelbyville - Modern ROck(i)
103.3WKDF(Listen) Music City Country - Country(i)
104.5WGFX(Listen) - Gallatin TN - Classic Rock(i)
104.9WBOZMurfreesboro - Southern Gospel(i)
105.1WVRYSimulcast WBOZ - Waverly - Gospel(i)
105.9WNRQ(Listen) The Rock@105.9 - Classic Rock(i)
106.7WNPLRooster 106 - Belle Meade - Rock(i)
107.5WRVW(Listen) The River - Lebanon TN - Hot AC(i)
Freq ID Description - Program FormatFCC
560WNSRSports 56 - Brentwood/Nashville TN - Sports(i)
650WSM Country(i)
760WENO Religious(i)
790WQSV Religious(i)
810WMGCGolden Radio - Murfreesboro/Nashville TN - Spanish, Gospel, R&B(i)
880WMDB Gospel, R&B(i)
900WCORSimulcast WANT - Country(i)
950WAKM Country(i)
980WYFN Religious(i)
1010WHIN Country(i)
1100WSGI Country(i)
1110WSLVArdmore - Country(i)
1160WAMB Adult Standards(i)
1240WNSG Gospel(i)
1260WDKN Country(i)
1270WQKR News, Talk(i)
1300WNQM Religious(i)
1360WNAH Religious, Gospel, Variety(i)
1380WIZO Rock, Spanish(i)
1430WKDAMadison - News, Talk(i)
1450WGNS News, Talk(i)
1470WVOL Gospel(i)
1510WLAC News, Talk(i)
1570WNKX Country(i)
1590WDBLSimulcast WDBL-FM - Gospel(i)
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