T-CLOCK Inspection
Item What to check What to look for Check-off
T - Tires and Wheels Front Rear
Tires Condition Tread depth, wear, weathering, evenly seated, bulges, imbedded objects F R
Air pressure Check when cold, adjust to load/speed F R
Wheels Spokes Bent, broken, missing, tension,
check at top of wheel: "ring"=ok--"thud"=  loose spoke
Cast Cracks, dents F R
Rims Out of round/true - 5mm, spin wheel, index against stationary pointer F R
Bearings Grab top and bottom of tire and flex: no freeplay (click) between hub and axle, no growl when spinning F R
Seals Cracked, cut, or torn, excessive grease on outside, reddish-brown around outside F R
C - Controls
Levers Condition Broken, bent, cracked, mounts tight, ball ends on handlebar lever F R
Pivots Lubricated  
Cables Condition Fraying, kinks, lubrication: ends and length  
Routing No interference or pulling at steering head, suspension, no sharp angles, wire looms on place.  
Hoses Condition Cuts, cracks, leaks, bulges, chafing, deterioration  
Routing No interference or pulling at steering head, suspension, no sharp angles, wire looms on place.  
Throttle Operation Moves freely, snaps closed, no revving  
L - Lights and Electrical
Battery Condition Terminals, clean and tight, electrolyte level, held down securely  
Vent tube Not kinked, routed properly, not plugged  
Lenses Condition Cracked, broken, securely mounted, exessive condensation  
Reflectors Condition Cracked, broken, securely mounted  
Wiring Condition Fraying, chafing, insulation  
Routing Pinched, no interference or pulling at steering head or suspension, wire looms and ties in place, connectors tight and clean  
Headlamp Condition Cracks, reflector, mounting and adjustment system  
Aim Height and right/left  
O - Oil and Fluids
Levels Engine oil Check warm on centerstand, dipstick, sight glass  
Hypoid gear oil Transmission, rear driver, shaft  
Hydraulic Fluid Brakes, clutch, reservoir or sight glass  
Coolant Reservoir and/or coolant recovery tank - cool only  
Fuel Tank or guage  
Leaks Engine oil Gaskets, housings, seals  
Hypoid gear oil Gaskets, seals and breathers  
Hydraulic Fluid Hoses, master cylinders, calipers  
Coolant Radiator, hoses, tanks, fittings, pipes  
Fuel Lines, fuel caps, carbs  
C - Chassis
Frame Condition Cracks at gussets, accessory mounts, look for paint lifting  
Steering-head bearing No detent or tight spots through full travel, raise front wheel, check for play by pulling/pushing forks  
Swingarm bushings / bearings Raise rear wheel, check for play by pulling/pushing swingarm  
Suspension Forks Smooth travel, equal air pressure/damping anti-drive settings F R
Shock(s) Smooth travel, equal pre-load/air pressure/damping settings, linkage moves freely and is lubricated F R
Chain or belt Tension Check at tightest point  
Lubrication Side plates when hot-DO NOT lubricate belts  
Sprockets Teeth not hooked, securely mounted  
Fasteners Threaded Tight, missing bolts, nuts  
Clips Broken, missing  
Cotter pins Broken, missing  
K - Kickstand
Center-stand Condition Cracks, bent  
Retention Springs in place, tension to hold position  
Side-stand Condition Cracks, bent, (safety cut-out switch or pad if equipped)  
Retention Springs in place, tension to hold position