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Character Sets
Greek Letters
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Dec-Code Vers
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HEX Description
Α Α  Α Α  4 391 Greek capital alpha
Β Β  Β Β  4 392 Greek capital beta
Γ Γ  Γ Γ  4 393 Greek capital gamma
Δ Δ  Δ Δ  4 394 Greek capital delta
Ε Ε  Ε Ε  4 395 Greek capital epsilon
Ζ Ζ  Ζ Ζ  4 396 Greek capital zeta
Η Η  Η Η  4 397 Greek capital eta
Θ Θ  Θ Θ  4 398 Greek capital theta
Ι Ι  Ι Ι  4 399 Greek capital iota
Κ Κ  Κ Κ  4 39A Greek capital kappa
Λ Λ  Λ Λ  4 39B Greek capital lambda
Μ Μ  Μ Μ  4 39C Greek capital mu
Ν Ν  Ν Ν  4 39D Greek capital nu
Ξ Ξ  Ξ Ξ  4 39E Greek capital xi
Ο Ο  Ο Ο  4 39F Greek capital omicron
Π Π  Π Π  4 3A0 Greek capital pi
Ρ Ρ  Ρ Ρ  4 3A1 Greek capital rho
Σ Σ  Σ Σ  4 3A3 Greek capital sigma
Τ Τ  Τ Τ  4 3A4 Greek capital tau
Υ Υ  Υ Υ  4 3A5 Greek capital upsilon
Φ Φ  Φ Φ  4 3A6 Greek capital phi
Χ Χ  Χ Χ  4 3A7 Greek capital chi
Ψ Ψ  Ψ Ψ  4 3A8 Greek capital psi
Ω Ω  Ω Ω  4 3A9 Greek capital omega
α α  α α  4 3B1 Greek small alpha
β β  β β  4 3B2 Greek small beta
γ γ  γ γ  4 3B3 Greek small gamma
δ δ  δ δ  4 3B4 Greek small delta
ε ε  ε ε  4 3B5 Greek small epsilon
ζ ζ  ζ ζ  4 3B6 Greek small zeta
η η  η η  4 3B7 Greek small eta
θ θ  θ θ  4 3B8 Greek small theta
ι ι  ι ι  4 3B9 Greek small iota
κ κ  κ κ  4 3BA Greek small kappa
λ λ  λ λ  4 3BB Greek small lambda
μ μ  μ μ  4 3BC Greek small mu
ν ν  ν ν  4 3BD Greek small nu
ξ ξ  ξ ξ  4 3BE Greek small xi
ο ο  ο ο  4 3BF Greek small omicron
π π  π π  4 3C0 Greek small pi
ρ ρ  ρ ρ  4 3C1 Greek small rho
ς ς  ς ς  4 3C2 Greek small sigmaf
σ σ  σ σ  4 3C3 Greek small sigma
τ τ  τ τ  4 3C4 Greek small tau
υ υ  υ υ  4 3C5 Greek small upsilon
φ φ  φ φ  4 3C6 Greek small phi
χ χ  χ χ  4 3C7 Greek small chi
ψ ψ  ψ ψ  4 3C8 Greek small psi
ω ω  ω ω  4 3C9 Greek small omega
ϑ ϑ  ϑ ϑ  4 3D1 Greek small theta symbol
ϒ ϒ  ϒ ϒ  4 3D2 Greek upsilon with hook symbol
ϖ ϖ  ϖ ϖ  4 3D6 Greek pi symbol
  • Sym-Glyph - HTML result of using "Sym"
  • Sym - Normal character or symbolic &entity;
  • Dec-Glyph - HTML result of using "Dec-Code"
  • Dec-Code - Decimal coded entity
  • Vers S / D - W3C version that Sym or Dec was introduced
  • HEX - Hexadecimal character code
  • Description - Name of Unicode glyph

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