Character Sets
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Character Sets
Sym Dec
Dec-Code Vers
S / D
HEX Description
Latin Extended-A
Œ Œ  Œ Œ  4 152 Latin capital ligature OE
œ œ  œ œ  4 153 Latin small ligature oe
Š Š  Š Š  4 160 Latin capital S with caron
š š  š š  4 161 Latin small s with caron
Ÿ Ÿ  Ÿ Ÿ  4 178 Latin capital Y with umlaut
Latin Extended-B
ƒ ƒ  ƒ ƒ  4 192 Latin small f with hook, Function, Florin
  • Sym-Glyph - HTML result of using "Sym"
  • Sym - Normal character or symbolic &entity;
  • Dec-Glyph - HTML result of using "Dec-Code"
  • Dec-Code - Decimal coded entity
  • Vers S / D - W3C version that Sym or Dec was introduced
  • HEX - Hexadecimal character code
  • Description - Name of Unicode glyph

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